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Reviews for Austin, TX Dermatologist Dr. Renee Snyder Rosacea Services

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Review from W.H.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Jun 16, 2011

I have had 2 recent visits to "Snyderma Dermatology." My first appointment was a skin check to look for skin cancer, suspicious moles, etc. I saw the third doctor in the practice, Dr. A (can't remember her full name but she's the only Dr. whose last name isn't Snyder). Great experience, she took a thorough look at my whole body, measured a couple of larger freckles and moles and recommended I return in 6 months to re-measure and make sure the spots aren't growing. We discussed my options around removing a mole on my neck and she was very informative with no pressure. I expressed a desire to learn more about skin care treatments to prevent signs of aging. We talked briefly about some options and she recommended I come in to see Rachel, their aesthetician, for a complimentary visit, where I could learn more about products and procedures. This was fine by me because that is exactly what I wanted. My second visit was scheduled a week later. Rachel was right on time and very friendly. She spent close to an hour with me and was very informative. She wanted to know my concerns and goals and tailored her advice to those. She did not push products or services, and was very open with pricing. I loved my time with her. I purchased several products, which I had intended to do, that's why I came in. I was happy to hear that the soap and sunscreen I buy at Target are good products (yay for saving money there). Couple random notes: Yes, the staff is pretty and glamorous. I would hope so, as they are there to talk about having nice skin. They are also friendly. You do have to pay to park in the garage, this did not faze me. On the topic of Retin-A: yes, you can get a prescription for it. No, your insurance will not pay for it and it will cost you full price, not your prescription co-pay. Insurance will typically only pay for for Retin-A under 2 conditions: 1- you are under 18 and treating acne or 2- you have a Diagnosable skin condition such as Rosacea, and can show that you have tried other, less expensive medications to treat it. There is no way any insurance company is going to pony up the cash to pay for Retin-A for cosmetic reasons. Trust me, I've been down that road many times. So buying a retinol product from the office does not end up being more expensive that Retin-A. Also, Retin-A has a high concentration of retinol and it is better to start at a lower concentration (to see how your skin tolerates it) and work your way up. Great experience, I am planning to go back. More

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