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Reviews for Austin, TX Dermatologist Dr. Renee Snyder Skin Lesion Removal Services

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Review from E.S.  |  Source: Yelp  |  May 29, 2012

I have been seeing Dr. Snyder since she opened her practice. She and her staff are top notch. Dr. Snyder is a very thorough. I had a very tiny spot on my cheek that another dermatologist had dismissed as "nothing." Dr. Snyder ordered a biopsy and it was determined to be malignant. Had this gone undiagnosed, it could ultimately have been fatal. So, I suppose I owe her my life, or at least, a considerable amount of gratitude.Finally, The overall experience is always excellent. So what if you have to pay $2 to park. More

Review from C.V.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Oct 08, 2008

The Good: :: location. the office is located centrally, so it's good for people who live near the hyde park and campus area :: the office is really really nice, clean, and modern feeling. this is a rare thing to find. most doctors' offices are dreary, dark, musty, and depressing. :: huge waiting room area :: plenty of interesting magazines to help you pass the waiting time :: good waiting room music that doesn't time-warp you :: dr renee snyder is thorough and didn't take any chances with my skin condition. she didn't just do a cursory glance around, she took some skin samples and a biopsy and had it sent off to the labs. :: dr snyder was also very communicative during the visits. she gave me a what she thought it was and also a worst case scenario of what it could be. this is important b/c it gave me confidence she knew what she was doing. communication from a doctor seems to be a rare thing these days so i welcomed it gladly :: dr snyder was very straightforward. i like that a lot. some people might be offended by it, but i respect it and welcome it. :: i felt complete confidence in dr snyder and that is also another rare thing to find in doctors these days. :: the staff is very friendly and checked on me, and that was nice The Bad: :: no free or validated parking The Ugly: :: none Would I go back? Without a doubt. She knows her stuff and is thorough, and finding a doctor that is effective, intelligent, thorough, and communicative is hard. I recommend her to anyone, and I plan on going back for my other dermatology needs. This doctor is IN. More

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