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Reviews for Injectable Treatments Services in Austin, TX

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Review from C.B.  |  Source: Yelp  |  May 31, 2011

Reading some of the older reviews, I'm completely amazed that we're talking about the same person. I've had consistently great experiences with Dr. Snyder. I'm a 30-something empty nester (please don't do the math!) and aged a LOT in the past few years as my kid got through h.s. and went off to college. A work pal tried Botox and I was a little worried for her. I expected her to end up looking stiff and masklike, but instead, she looked like a better-rested version of herself. After that I had to try it, so she gave me the name of her doctor. I should point out that I have been to other dermatologists here in town, and Snyderma is my favorite by far. The first doctor was in a dank, cramped office with horrible classroom-style lighting. It was like taking a time machine back to 1974. The next was so over-the-top glam that I was waiting to be ejected by a burly doorman hired specifically to keep the rif-raf like myself out. That one had a long wait, and when she came in, was wearing Louboutins so high I don't know how she could even walk, which seemed like a really odd choice of footwear for an M.D. in the middle of the day. The receptionist acted like I was lucky she acknowledged my presence. Yikes. Frankly, I'd always been terrified of and a little offended by the concept of Botox or having any type of "work done". I'm an all-natural kind of girl - I almost never wear makeup, I use natural products, I consume mostly organics, etc. - so injecting paralyzing agents into my face just sounded insane. However, I couldn't ignore the permanent scowl line between my eyebrows that made me look surly all the time, or the deepening crow feets settling around my eyes. After seeing my friend's results I decided to just try it out. Fortunately, Snyderma was convenient to where I worked, so I headed over for a quick appointment. The office is nice but not intimidatingly fancy, and the staff is that creepy combination of thin/blonde/young which can be a little much, but they're still polite. I found Dr. Snyder to be very personable and efficient, and she didn't rush me at all. We talked about what I wanted (subtlety!) and she made suggestions. It definitely felt like we were working together, and that's not something I can say about most doctors I've been to. I was very pleased with the results, and got so many compliments. As with my friend, I still looked like myself, just... better. My face was still expressive - not remotely frozen or waxy like you might expect. The next time, we adjusted it a little and talked about options for the future. Though I now work quite far away and getting to 38th is a pain, I'll be going back again soon and plan to stick with her for the foreseeable future. It's not super cheap, but much more affordable than it would be in a bigger city. The results are amazing, and well worth the investment. More

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