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Reviews for Skin Cancer & Surgery Services Near Austin, TX

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Review from J.M.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Apr 11, 2019

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. This has been a difficult, embarrassing and just a little scary journey for me. I was referred to Dr Snyder for a complete skin exam where we talked about a spot I had noticed that Dr Snyder biopsied and determined was basal cell carcinoma. Another appointment was made with her colleague, Dr. Dietert. Long story short. Dr. Dietert performed the procedure this morning, showing up on time. Her assistant was amazing and professional in every way. They both made this whole thing NOT SUCK as much as it might have. They were both very relaxed, informative and professional. The office environment was spotless and the patient waiting room was comfortable and accommodating. Dr. Dietert performance was spot on, removing all those nasty cancer cells on the first procedure, making my total in-office rime less than 2 hours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion, professionalism and kindness to the entire staff. Also helped you sharing the parking lot with Deckhands, the best seafood joint in the area. Cudos!!!! More

Review from P.B.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Dec 31, 2018

I have been going to Dr Renee Snyder for several years. This year I had a discolored area on my face and Dr. Parker did a biopsy. The biopsy came back negative but Dr. Parker wanted to re biopsy. It came back melanoma in situ. I had the Mohs surgery with Dr. Dietert. It was extensive. I was fortunate to have Dr Ned Snyder perform surgery to close the incision and he and his team did a beautiful job. If Dr. Parker had not wanted to re-biopsy, I might have had a very serious outcome. Needless to say, this is an amazing team. The follow-up has been outstanding by Dr. Ned Snyder and his PA Jen Bader . I will forever be grateful to Dr. Parker, Dr. Dietert and Dr. Ned Snyder and Jen Bader. Thank you More

Review from M.F.  |  Source: Yelp  |  May 01, 2012

One evening I was getting ready for bed, scratched my back, and came away with blood. I looked in the mirror and saw a mole that looked exactly like all the ones that I'd seen in brochures of what moles aren't supposed to look like. I researched dermatologists, called Dr. Snyder's office, and set up an appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Snyder did a full skin check, confirming that the mole was really funky looking, and did a punch biopsy straight away. Just under a week later I got a phone call from her confirming that it was a melanoma, and we made an appointment for a wide local excision. I had another atypical mole excised a few months post-melanoma surgery, and since then I've had regular skin checks and several biopsies. Dr. Snyder really knows her stuff, and her professional demeanor and ability to answer all of my questions in a straightforward way puts me at ease. She's friendly and nice, but she's more focused on the task at hand than trying to be my bestie. Given most of my appointments with her have involved wearing nothing but a hospital gown and/or being cut open, professionalism and efficiency are key. The office is clean and bright and the staff are super nice. Parking isn't free and there's a bit of a dipsydoodle to get from the parking garage down to the lobby to go up to the 4th floor, but I'm really happy to have found a doctor I can trust. More

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