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Sculptra® in Austin, TX

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What is Sculptra?

Compared to other facial fillers, Sculptra Aesthetic, does fantastic work when injected directly into the face and helps restore wrinkles around the chin, lines around the mouth, and the deep lines between the nose and mouth. Sculptra is an injectable filler offered by our board-certified dermatologists at Snyder Dermatology in Austin, TX for skin rejuvenation without having plastic surgery. 

Lipoatrophy may be a natural consequence of aging or other medical conditions, but with Sculptra you can have beautiful, fuller facial features again. Composed of poly-L- lactic acid, a synthetic, biocompatible material that can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, and should not harm your body. If you would like to learn more about Sculptra, please contact us today for your consultation in our dermatology office.


As with many injectable fillers, it is normal to see redness and slight swelling in the area, and should go away within a few hours. You will be able to go about your day as normal, but we do recommend that you do not exercise for at least 24 hours to avoid complications. If the side effects last longer or are excessive after you leave our office, please do not hesitate to call our office and report the condition of your skin.

Administering Sculptra

When you come into our dermatology office for your Sculptra injections for the first time or for your regularly scheduled dosage, your appointment time will take approximately 45 minutes. The skin on the injection site will be cleansed and marked on the exact locations of your face where the product is to be placed. If requested, a topical anesthetic can be applied to the skin before the ultra-fine needle is used. At your private consultation, we will discuss with you the dosage needed to achieve your aesthetic goals. Every patient will have his or her own number of injections as determined by the dermatologist. Typically, three sculptra sessions are required spaced 6 weeks apart. 

What to Expect

As the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved poly-L- lactic acid filler on the market, Sculptra is different than other cosmetic fillers because the results are not immediate. We schedule several treatment sessions spread 6 weeks apart because it stimulates your body's natural collagen to be produced.  Improvements are typically maintained for 2 years after an injection series.  Your skin will subtly change over a period of time, making you look more radiant and younger in the process.

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If you are looking for a facial filler that will gradually change the shape of your face by stimulating your own collagen production with longer lasting wrinkle treatment, Sculptra may be the right cosmetic injectable for you. At Snyder Dermatology, you can request a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists, and learn more. Call our friendly patient coordinators today to get started. We want to help you find the right solutions for your skin.

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